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GMO-free diet effected 95% symptom improvement

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My daughter, Jessica, suffered with tics, ADHD and trouble sleeping for 5 years. There were disabling, but the OCD behaviors were most troubling. She would pull teeth out by the root, force her finger down her throat causing vomiting and injuring the inside of her mouth, hit those next to her, etc. We tried supplements, diets and other therapies.


After years of research, trial and error, I found that the COMPLETE ELIMINATION OF GMOs from her diet effected a 95% improvement in symptoms. Why are kids of this generation suffering more than in previous generations? It could be the vaccination schedule, it could be the toxins in our environment, and/or it could be the consumption of food that looks, smells and tastes like the food we ate as children, but is in fact genetically foreign.


www.SafePlate.net is informational, safe and without anything for sale. My hope is that if we can help another family, it will bring meaning to the years Jessica suffered. Please contact us through the website if you need any support with a GMO-free diet or to share your GMO-free success story. Best wishes.

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I completely agree! Going gmo free and in my case revamping diet and sensitivities and allergens due to years of destroying gut has helped so much. Just spoke to son today how so many kids are gluten free. This is crazy how many kids are suffering. To all do not put your child on meds until you dig further.

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Thank you for shedding the light on this devastating change in our food supply. If you compare ANY graphs, the rise of Autism,Autoimmune, Allergies and Asthma, along with Alzheimers correlate exactly with the changes in our food. Our most vulnerable children and the elderly are the most at risk. This is the first generation to have health regress in over 100 years.


Our DS allergy numbers were at life threatening levels and now are near normal with a change in diet. If I had understood the importance of diet along this PANDAS journey I believe we could of avoided an emotional and fruitless time in the hospital.


Now he is a leader in health among friends, and since so many have "food issues" realizes he is no longer alone.

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