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Hi James . We have a very similar history . I've been sick for almost two years with strep and coninfections. While I don't have OCD I suffer from anxiety , depression , muscle aches , twitching and foot pain. I strongly feel I have Bart . I've tried mc bar products and Byron white . The Byron white products ended up being too strong for me . I was bed bound after only two drops for almost a month! I am looking into Buhner as well but my new doc wants me to try ozone , uvl, silver and possibly iv chelation. I was thinking of trying Andy cutlers chelation program but not sure if I have the patience ! I'm active in many Lyme forums and people tend to do very well on Buhner. Let me know how it goes !

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I agree, it is a guessing game. Its trial and error. If your able to see an llmd that seems like the best and only option. Need to see someone with experience. Otherwise it may not work, and just wast

Im also an adult with ocd, and am experimenting to treat this with antibiotics currently. Curious to hear updates on how people are going and maybe get some advise on what else I should try. A brief

Great to read some replies. I find reading these forums so useful, as it helps me think of treatment options. Wombat, I notice that you only tried a small amount of limited antibiotics. Did you ever

I believe I had PANDAS. Overnight change from normal to 100% disabled after getting sick.


I do a lot of detoxing and it has helped me a lot. Mostly jucing and Vit C and suanas and coQ10, and cilantro.


I have heavy metals too which happened because I cannot eat very well so I ate too much brown rice which is very high in arsenic.

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