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PANDAS in Adults

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Hi James . We have a very similar history . I've been sick for almost two years with strep and coninfections. While I don't have OCD I suffer from anxiety , depression , muscle aches , twitching and foot pain. I strongly feel I have Bart . I've tried mc bar products and Byron white . The Byron white products ended up being too strong for me . I was bed bound after only two drops for almost a month! I am looking into Buhner as well but my new doc wants me to try ozone , uvl, silver and possibly iv chelation. I was thinking of trying Andy cutlers chelation program but not sure if I have the patience ! I'm active in many Lyme forums and people tend to do very well on Buhner. Let me know how it goes !

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I believe I had PANDAS. Overnight change from normal to 100% disabled after getting sick.


I do a lot of detoxing and it has helped me a lot. Mostly jucing and Vit C and suanas and coQ10, and cilantro.


I have heavy metals too which happened because I cannot eat very well so I ate too much brown rice which is very high in arsenic.

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