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Not a fan here, either. At one point, prescribed for our DS as adjunct to low-dose SSRI. Even at a very low dose (1 mg.), DS was activated by it . . . more frenetic, more anxious. Thankfully, those effects wore off quickly once we took him off.

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I know a lot of people have had bad experiences with abilify, but for us it has been a life saver at times....but not in conjunction with other psych drugs....we've tried so hard to be off of all of those kinds of meds, but after almost a year off of most of it, we had to go back for a low dose. And I have to say that our dd11 does not always respond the same way....I think it's because this gunk that's really causing all of this is constantly changing. We have also recently discovered that vyvanse, an ADHD med, totally improves her state and allows her to actually function, do schoolwork and be kind and helpful....until it wears off.

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