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Anybody seen Dallas Buyers Club?

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Not a movie for the easily offended....or the children.


It's about a boozing, drugging, womanizing Dallas electrician, a hustler by nature, who comes up HIV+ with 30 days to live in the mid-late 80's. He gets his hands on some AZT that is being used for trial but he doesn't improve. Oh, you know it's Matthew McConaughey, right? Anyway, he finds a doc off the beaten path who teaches him mainstream medicine is going to kill him and he needs to strengthen his immune system. He does WHATEVER it takes to make that happen and that is the part of the story we here would have a very sympathetic ear for.


Points of kinship would be tenacity, bucking mainstream medicine and all its rules, doctorate of Google school of medicine (pre-google: he had to read the paper version of the Lancet) and the right to fight for your own health (or your kid's). It is provocative and Matthew McConaughey is terrific!

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