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Dr. N. - Spect Scan, EEG's and Blood Work.

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All the tests came back fine on my child and Dr. N. wants us to see psychiatrists in his group. I would really like to have a follow up visit with Dr. N. anyway to discuss some things. For one...I am a bit confused that at our initial visit he said it's probably brain inflammation, and now he does not mention that. Is he able to tell that there is no brain inflammation with the spect scan??? He did a lot of blood work too. Perhaps he can tell from that???? Regardless...he is sending us on our way. Wish he would do a spinal tap. Any comments are welcome.

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What they told me including Dr. N was that they had a set of guidelines they go by to reach the diagnosis of clinical encephalitis.


This did include bloodwork and it included my PET scan or in your case a spect scan. They are looking at the pro-inflammatory cytokines and T cells and many other things. You can look up "ocd neuroinflammation and psychiatric illness" and find his research and he lists some of the things they are looking for.


But he said they are looking for:

- symptoms

- failed response to psychiatric medication

- bloodwork

- (and lastly) pet scan or if need be, spect scan


I think for their office, you have to meet all criteria to be diagnosed.


After the results of my PET scan my mom did extensive research (severe and extensive areas through-out the brain with decreased metabolism) - she found that the only cause of this is inflammation.........now they are trying to figure out, what is causing inflammation and through labs have concluded autoimmunity but now what is causing autoimmunity.......... So I assume that is how they would approach the spect scan as well. I don't know much else to say b/c I've only had the one appt. and I was extremely fatigued.


I don't see how a follow up would hurt if you did want clarification. Or you could write a message through the portal asking for clarification, I too have used the portal.

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