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Need help understanding Urinary Porphyrin Profile test results

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I got back a Urinary Porphyrins test from the Laboratoire de Biologie Medicale in Paris France. The following things have been flaged.


Uroporphyrins I & II 17 Reference value 10-16


Precoproporphyrin 14 Reference value 3-9


Coproporphyrins I & II 139 Reference value 70-130


Total Porphyrinuria 177 Reference range 87-163


From what research I have done, this test is used with Autism and PANDAS. My son does not have this diagnosis but is being seen by a specialist in this area. The precoproporphin indicates mercury levels but still don't understand what is related to the others. I will continue to research online. Trying to remain calm because I really have no ideas what this means. Any help would be appreciated?




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