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Iron deficiency

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Last fall our son was deficient in Iron, I baught all Iron cookware, hoping that would help. Well two weeks ago he was tested again and still has a deficiency. I started him on Floradix Iron with B vitamins. I did not see any real noticable ticcing last week, but for the last 2 or 3 days he has been more vocal. I asked him what he thought, and he thinks it might be the floradix. The B vit. are very small amounts. So not sure which it could be.


The tolal iron is 10mg, but he also gets 10mg in his multi. About 112% of daily between the two. Do you think he should not have both even though the iron in the multi didn't help with the deficiency in the second test?


Thanks for your help.


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the only iron supp my son can take without having increased ticcing and digestive upset is Solgar Gentle Iron, an iron chelate with 25mg iron bisglycinate



he cant tolerate any iron in a multi and he also cant use any other brands of even gentle iron

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What makes you think there is an iron deficiency? If it's based on hemocrit, it's inaccurate. It's nearly impossible for a person to be iron deficient, unless they're starving. Anemia does NOT equal iron deficiency. The most common anemias are B vitamin deficiences and IRON OVERLOAD. If a person has TOO MUCH iron, it goes into storage (leading to neurological problems, cancer, diabetes, etc.) rather than in the hemoglobin. A person should get MORE than enough iron from his or her food. Iron is in everything, and it's a TRACE element, which means we do not need very much of it. Iron supplements are dangerous.


So, it's definitely NO surprise to me that the tics would increase with iron supplementations.


You can easily do some research online using Google to read about iron overload and the links between iron overload and cancer, diabetes, autism, Alzheimer's, etc.


I wish you the best. :)

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iron deficiency can be detected by blood tests (full panel) and some people do need a trace amount of iron supplement


my son has Crohn's Disease related anemia and has to have his gentle iron supplement once a week


most people do not need any iron supplement and I agree that for some to supplement with iron can cause health problems....but there are most definitely some who need it

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