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What are some strategies or solutions or suggestions that you parents of

children with autism or if you have autism yourself, regarding sensitivity

to clothing. I am a teacher, looking to help the parents of the autistic

children I work with come up with solutions to their children's

hypersensitivity (and in some cases hyposensitivity) to clothing. Some of

my questions include:


1. What are the best stores to buy the softest cotton?

2.   Are other textures/textiles better and more comfortable than cotton?

3. Are tight clothes (body hugging/pressure input) better than loose?

4. best/worst kind of collar?

5. What is your solution for dressy occasions?

6. does pre-washing multiple times help?

7. Do you buy used clothing?

8. What do you wish you could find but cant?

9. What is your biggest challenge with dressing and clothing issues?

10. anything else you would like to share regarding clothing/texture

sensitivity/sensory issues, etc...



You dont have to answer all of these questions! Any info you have will be

more than helpful for me and the parents/kids i work with.



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I am not sure if children with autism have the same issue but my son has sensory integration dysfunction co-morbid with his ADD/Tourette Syndrome


A book that really helped us cope with the sensory issues was The Out Of Sync Child by Carol Stock Kranowitz


here is her website




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Dear ACN online community,


Thank you to ALL of you who have gotten in touch to give me advice and feedback on my line of clothing for children with varying degrees of hypersensitivity to clothing (associated with ASD and SPD).


For those who have not seen the website or prior posts, I am starting a clothing line for children with hypersensitivity to clothing. We will feature flat seaming and seamless clothing from casual to occasion wear, no tags, and the softest cotton available. For more info, see www.softclothing.net.


Right now, to get this idea off the ground, I really need your help! Please vote for this idea at:





Every vote counts! We are front runners right now to become finalists. If you or anyone you know experiences sensory sensitivity, please vote today to make this idea a reality!




Jessica Elsas

Soft(clothing for all children)

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