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Dying Christmas trees a source of ticks - found 3 today!

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For those of you who have live (or non-artificial Christmas trees) in your house, WATCH OUT FOR TICKS! On our baseboard and near the ceiling next to our Christmas tree, I saw what I thought were weird looking baby spiders this morning, so I killed them both. Then, just now, my husband spotted a large adult tick on the baseboard crawling slowly away from the tree!


My theory is, as the tree is 4 weeks old now and drying out, the ticks are leaving the tree and looking for a more lush, greener tree to reside in. Scary! We are taking this tree down now and telling our kids that we just can't have it in the house. They're still get their presents, and that's all they care about at this point anyway ;-)


I've stayed away from artificial trees because of the lead content, but I think I'd rather deal with that than ticks!



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