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Trinity, my DD found the spect scan to be MUCH easier than EEG. She always had a rough time with EEG and she's done a few. She was not sedated for the spect and she was not off any meds. She was sedated however for MRIs when she was young. Perhaps they can sedate her for the spect? Ask the doctor. We had to go to NYU for the spect, though it was outpatient. I don't know how many places have a spect scan. I would try to stay there if at all possible. Wishing you lots of luck? Let us know how it goes.

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Phew! Their doing SPECT in evening. I was told it would be done over weekend, but I was given wrong information. Better later than never, I guess. Just keeping her calm for this long is tough! Especially when nurses really don't get it at all! Their very sweet but when I explain her symptoms, they look at me like I am a nut!

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