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I don't have any advice on what to do, as my son sounds exactly like your daughter. He is 13 yrs. old, is almost 5'7", and weighs only 88 lbs. He, too, thinks he is fat. He is also a self-proclaimed Vegan. This has really added another dimension into the whole eating thing. I actually puree' chicken and hamburger meat, and sneak it into soups, etc., to try and "hide" extra calories. I also put chunks of butter in oatmeal, etc., but even at that, he is still emaciated. The eating disorder is one of our biggest issues right now. He also has tons of other issues, as well, but this worries me the most about his overall physical health. Just know that I feel your pain. We've been dealing with this for well over a year.

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My sons last flare at 11 he lost 35lbs in 2 months. He wouldn't eat growing food ( my expression )because he was becoming to tall.


It is a vicious cycle because the food they are eating is probably causing inflammation hence Obssesiveness . This food also has a morphine addiction because of the cytokines in the immune response.


The Dr that saved his life, (hospital gave parenting lessons) will not treat PANDAS if you don't do diet. He finds it an uphill battle and difficult to remove inflammation on the brain. For us it was between a rock and a hard place. I didn't want him to lose anymore weight.


First we removed dairy because it is implicated in type 1 diabetes and my DS was already in an autoimmune state. The Dr was strong about this. I was able to scare my son into folllowing and did choc shakes with almond milk. Then we removed wheat except for 2 pieces of white bread a day for a Sandwich. Whole wheat is more inflammatory. The first month we saw almost a 30% improvement in behavior except he was working out 3 hours a day.


Than he added prescriptions. HHV 6 with valcyclovir, a zpack followed by prophylactic erythmycin . The gym faded away. From all my years of observing my child I believe the medicine worked more effectively because of the diet and we have been able to stabilize.


My son has expressed interest in going vegan especially with all he has read on GMO fed meat. My concern is he cant eat grains because of inflammation. I had him read the fun version of the Paleo diet and his older brother at school is on it. We follow about 90%, still have our Friday night root beer floats but with organic root beer and organic soy ice cream. We eat the same and he gained 30 lbs of muscle and I lost 20 lbs. The body begins to come in balance.


Would love to test all anorexics for infections and see what clues.

Hope this helps. Remember ANY little change takes a layer off the brain.

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