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Would anybody be interested in starting collective Prayer?

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I believe in prayer, and I believe in numbers...even if you don't ascribe to a higher being, I believe that thoughts have energy. What you send out comes back. For the negative and the positive. I essentially believe that is how prayer was designed to work.


So my thought is that we could create a list of names. Every night we could all commit to saying a quick prayer for each of our children every night. I know anonymity is important here, so we could use our names that we use here in the forum.


I will start by adding my name to the list.


qannie and ds

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Great! I suggest we write these names down on a piece of paper and keep them handy by your bedside or where ever you would most likely have a moment of silence.


I am going to nightly ask for a protective energy to surround all of us to provide restoration, strength, discernment, patience, faith, and continued good heath for those who have started the healing process.

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Please add Kathy and my son Austin to the list too. If any of you are on facebook, I started a private group in September 2013 called Pandas Parents Unite in Prayer. Please msg me on facebook if you would like to join it. Kathy Noel.


We currently have 162 members and they are praying moms. We post prayer requests, scriptures, encouragement daily. It has been the best source of help for many of us.

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I'm in definitely. Prayer never really used to factor in my life until PANDAS hit our family. I used to always wish to win the lottery.....not any more. I often visit my local cathedral and light a candle for my daughter and all the other children and families having to struggle to cope every day. We must remember something good will always come from something bad - we now appreciate the good times so much more these days and never take them for granted. Sending you all lots of healing good wishes. x

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