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Joint compression Therapy.


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Just thought I would share this since it seems to be working so well.


My ds started another flare about 6 days ago. In hopes that he would move past this on his own, I only gave him motrin, instead of higher abx dose. Well, it did work beautifully....amazing, but dr K told me to stop. He said that the motrin while helpful, will only mask the symptoms, and is hard on the liver.


So, later that day I did not give him motrin at the 6 hour mark. About 2 hours later when I suppose the last of the previous earlier dose was fully wearing off, he started with very high motoric repetitive movements and wall crashing. A sign to me that this was no popcorn flare...


So I remembered an old trick I learned for sensory issues. Joint compression therapy. If you don't know the proper term, that is just what I call it... For example, I will ask him to lay down and I will hold his shin and push his leg up and into his knee joint with slow, firm pushes over and over (about twenty times each leg). The kids eyes glaze over almost immediately and his whole body starts to relax. I also, hold onto his for-arm and do the same thing. I push up and into the elbow joint. Then I sit at his feet and grab his ankles and pull his entire leg slowly, getting a deep streeeetch. and hold it for about 30 sec. I also do this to each finger. The whole thing takes about 5-10 minutes.


He just loves it.


It actually works so well that he stops the motoric movements for hours at a time. I asked the school psychologist to do this for him today if ds starts wit the movements or even frenetic energy...she did it and it did the trick for him even at school....my husband did it tonight while I was at work and again....cessation of movement....


I am probably going to jinx myself by sharing this, but oh well. Maybe it could help some of you.....

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As a whole, his tics generally involve complex gross motor like repetitive karate chops, running up the same three stares over and over, crashing his entire body into walls and couches. He exhibited some facial tics for about a week after a steroid burst, but then they went away completely.


Because of the relaxing effect that the compression therapy has on him I would be hopeful that it could/might work for any kind of tic...since from what I have learned that tics are also a result of internal stress building up and provides a form of release..(although I know it is more complicated than that).


I can tell you that the minute I start doing the compression, my ds's entire body starts to relax. I can visibly see it. His eyes will sort of wonder off and he looks like his goes into "la la" land...sounds silly, but I cant think of a better way to describe it. He even will look up at me and give me a big smile, letting me know how much he likes this.


I do it for about 5-10 min max

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We used to do that with Dd when her sensory symptoms were bad. They only come back now when she's in a flare which are very short bursts of time. However, we've noticed that when she does, she puts in snug winter hats and right fitting clothing. This misgiving her that tight squeeze and pressure she is seeking. We also use a weighted blanket. There are times that's what's they need. I can give you ana amazing source for these blankets. It's like getting a big comfy squeeze all night long.

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