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Good morning all,


Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on our current situation. Dd7 has PANDAS/Bart/LYME/ Myco - dx with PANDAS 2 years ago with the Lyme & Bart dx coming about 8 months later. Still trying to get her back to baseline. Our latest flare I think was caused by a stomach virus. We saw tics and behaviors come before the bug. She then had a strep exposure at school. We are on Day 11 of a steroid taper.

She is currently on a combo of Rifampin, Cefdinir, & Cipro plus Nystatin, Florastor. She had daily dosing of Motrin during the flare plus Benadryl at night. By day 7 of the prednisone taper we had to start giving Motrin again.


My labs have repeatedly come up with high ASO & rising myco despite the following abx - 30 days Keflex, 60 days Cipro, and most recently 30 days of Doxycycline & Rifampin combo. I think my strep titres dropped from 574.5 to 557 after the combo abx.?? Myco went from 368 to 610.??? Now doing another 30 days of the same combo.


Thinking Dd has high Myco again despite all the abx?? How can that be? She has been on abx for 2 years daily - and a combo for about 16 months. Also anyone know why I can't bring down my strep and/or Myco numbers. Wondering where we go from here??????????


Any thoughts appreciated!



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Did you test for viruses? If they remain high the immune system can't catch up.


Have you addressed diet? The food in our diet that has been genetically altered (GMO) automatically creates inflammation making the immune system work that much harder. Think of it as running a Marathon with weights on your ankles.


When we finally addressed diet ( it didn't happen overnight) the antibiotics/antivirals were able to do their job and we became stable.

Good Luck.

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