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We just got our results back from Igenix, 1st igenix test we took. Came back negative for babesia, bartonella, Ehrlichiosis and Anaplasma. Doc forgot to check the box to check for lyme so ordering that now.


My DS 23 was positive when this all started back in 2009 for lyme and RMSF through Quest, all bands positive.


Then is 2012 tested positive for babesia, again thru Quest. We've been treating for both since, Always negative for bartonella and other co-infections.


So does this mean he now longer has any of this? We've actually gotten rid of it? If so then why is he no better?


The things that are better is his laughing and sleeping. Been giving Japanese Knotweed which I believe did it.


He's currently on Alinia, Minocycline, Nystatin, Malarone and Cipro.

Of course on multiple supps. including Neem and Core.


Did a stool test and it came back very high in Lactoferrin...90.7....normal is <7.3.

Doc rx'd the Cipro for this...only taking for 14 days.


His Lactoferrin back in July 2012 was only 19.2....so it went way up in a year.


See LLMD on the 19th to discuss all this and see what they think.


Also have appt. with neurologist (Dr. Chong) in Jan. and making appt. with immunologist.


Any thoughts?









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My daughter was cdc positive lyme and babesia wa-1 at onset in 2008 & 2009. All treated by llmd without significant improvement.

Whether caused by or coincidental, she is now dealing with an autoimmune disease. Positive antibodies (rnp and antiphospholipid) and very successfully treated now with immunesuppression and ivig.

Have you tested for signs of autoimmunity?

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I met a nurse who has had great success with fecal transplants for C diff. Sound gross but makes sense. You are transferring a whole colonization of good bacteria improving the gut. Always wondered if this would help behaviors.


Have you addresses diet? Since we started genetically altering our food the immune system never can rest. I think this is the first domino.

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