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Hard Water cause for Tics, Acne?

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I discovered something that I had never thought of....


for 4 years I have been relentlessly and I thought, successfully, pinpointing what triggers caused my children's tics. We have had huge success with taking out gluten, dairy, corn, sweetners, food colorings, etc. Almost to the point where we are virtually tic free.


But...this past summer two of my children starting ticking early to middle August. I couldn't figure out the cause. Both their tics progressively got worse. My youngest scrunched her nose and face and touched her nose with her fingers constantly. My oldest starting with a neck roll and it just got worse. I couldn't figure out what was causing it.


In early September my husband had a water filtration system installed because we supposedly had exceptionally "hard" water. About a week after the filtration system was in, I noticed that my oldest daughter's chronic acne was clearing up and then I started noticing her neck roll was diminishing. Same thing with my younger daughter, her facial tics had cleared up.


I don't know what else it could have been, but thought I'd share my discovery. None of these tics have come back yet and it has been three months. I am still completely baffled by it, but definitely think it is most likely the reason their tics and my daughter's acne cleared up.


Thought I'd give a shout out for you all to ponder.

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We had our home water professionally tested in two different homes in the last couple of years and both came up positive for lead. The homes we have lived in are in two different cites but only about a mile apart, one new construction and one built in 1951. Was it the pipes in our older home, was it coming from the older pipes throughout the city or the city water..... we are not sure. All our children and me had/have high lead levels. In our current home we also installed a whole home filtering system and now filter out even the chlorine.


The kids are definitely improving since moving but not convinced it is solely due to better water.

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Funny, I was just pondering the water question with my husband but from a completely different angle. We spent Thanksgiving in the Tahoe area and a friend who is a school nurse says she isn't seeing all these neurological issues in kids. She has been there for many years. I worked in my kids classrooms and saw a huge difference between my older sons and my youngest. At first I wondered if she was just missing the signs but then I wondered "What If".


Has anyone researched areas with low changes in kids that are not following the rising curve? I thought about their water. Most Tahoe people drink tap and I have to say it tastes great. Is it replacing minerals we are deficient in due to changes in our food? I also thought about all the trees and are they purifying the air? They are not near agriculture either past or present. Lifestyle too with lots of interaction with nature. IDK


I was tested high in copper which also contributes to rampant yeast. I also read copper plays a role in acne which my non PANDAS son had severely. He was diagnosed with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia. After many different attempts to get the acne under control without success I allowed him to go on Acutane even with all its issues. His acne cleared up and he LOST his dysgraphia! I even thought his notebook was his girlfriends.


Water is probably a contributor. What filtration system do you use?

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3bmom - so not saying hard water with it's minerals is causing the problem but that some other toxin/contaminent in the water is.


By eliminating gluten/casein/sugar/corn, you are also eliminating a whole lot of the pesticides/GMOs found in wheat/milk fat/sugar beets/corn (unless you are strictly organic). So not only are you decreasing the gut/brain inflammation-producing compounds, you are also decreasing the toxic pesticide load.


Ticcing for us is a result of toxin build-up, so this all makes sense.

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Yes. Lead, copper, arsenic. We even had problems in our area with percolate a byproduct of rocket fuel. Would love to know if they can test for this. If you read dr Perricones prescription for great skin it is no dairy, wheat or sugar all of which spikes insulin levels.


GMO and Glyphospates have been approved in March for a substantial increase in spraying on food with a heavier toxic load for us. No testing was done for harmfulness to our health. Also please don't forget GMO food you can not wash off the DNA changes. I met a guy this week from England and he can't believe the US is 10 years behind on all this info... So sad!

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Yes Rowingmom! The more I learn the more I am blown away! I have always blindly trusted. Now I am angry that our children are science experiments and over 64 countries have protected their citizens and children but the US has not. In the last few months China, and Japan have refused shipments of GMO food. Mexico stopped all growing of GMO crops effective immediatelyI. I hope awareness will tip the scales. Meanwhile we can still choose organic but our kids are losing their childhood and paying the price.

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