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At the peak of his worst Pandas days (pre-lyme dx), DS used it for about 4 months. It took the edge off the worst of the anxiety and at the time, we had very little medical support, so inositol was one of the few tools I had. It isn't one of my go-to answers anymore, but if you're in need of just a little something, it could be worth a trial.


Like an SSRI, you need to tier up dosing and if/when you decide to stop, you need to taper down over several weeks. Like an SSRI, you can't stop cold turkey. It has a slightly sweet taste (like powdered sugar). So during a trial, I'd suggest using the powder, not a capsule, to help you step up doses. You can sprinkle it into food or just put it on your tongue (which is what DS found easiest). It doesn't dissolve all that well in liquids and my DS objected to having to drink the entire glass of whatever I put it in, so he found it easier to just have me put a 1/4 tsp on his tongue.


Dosing was hard to figure out for a child. If you decide to try it, email me and I'll dig up the titer schedule I used. I think when DS was 50lbs, we built up to 5-6grams/day.


Here are some links that might be helpful (some links may be broken - this is about 5 yrs old

  1. Inositol (Vitamin B8) as an SSRI alternative
    1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inositol
    2. http://www.nutritionj.com/content/7/1/2
    3. http://www.naturaladd.com/resources/articles/natural.html
    4. http://westsuffolkpsych.homestead.com/inositol_and_ocd.html
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I have given inositol in the past and didn't really notice any difference, but that was when the PANDAS sh*t was really hitting the fan, so it was probably not enough to matter. We are trying it again now, along with Sam-e, and a magnesium/calcium/zinc supplement because I think we are dealing with undermethylation/MTHFR issues in addition to PANDAS/PANS. So far (2 weeks in) the combo has been working pretty well to bring depression/OCD to manageable levels. I feel like there are still pieces to the puzzle missing and I'm hoping that more will be clear when we get 23andme data back. So, I think inositol can definitely help, but depending on the underlying cause of what you're trying to affect, it may not be the total answer.

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CFS doctors use it a lot, it's supposed to work as an immunomodulator.


It made me incredibly incredibly sick. I tried it 3x's and would go into sleep paralysis, and it would give me horrible tachycardia. Not to scare anyone but it definitely has an effect on the immune system and I'm not sure they know how or what it's doing.


If you try, start very low, very very low. I opened up the lowest dose capsule, put powder in water, and only took 1/3 and still had this reaction.


It's also the main ingredient in immunovir, this has helped some CFS people but makes a lot of cfs people sick..... My friend had the issue of feeling wired and revved all the time, it has this effect on me as well (tachycardia).

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