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Organic Acid Test -- DHPPA vs. HPHPA

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My son's doctor recently ran the Metametrix Organix Comprehensive Profile test. For the most part, everything can back in the normal range, but one marker came up pretty high--DHPPA.


I have been trying to understand what this means. Great Plains Laboratory has a similar test that distinquishs between DHPPA and HPHPA. From my understanding, Great Plains is saying that the DHPPA marker is just a marker of good bacteria and that HPHPA is the important marker for clostridial. But Metametrix only tests for the DHPPA marker and lists it as a test for the clostridial species.


The reason for my question is that my son is on very high probiotics: Klaire labs therbiotic detox support--2/day (50 billion/tablet) and Jarrow Saccharomyces Boulardii + MOS 4/day (5 billion/tablet). So I wanted to make sure this test is showing true clostridial and not just an overuse of probiotics.


My son's result for DHPPA was 0.70 (normal is <0.05). Does anyone have any thoughts? Thank you!

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