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OCD as Early Manifestation of B12 Deficiency

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Ran across this today. It's about a case where psychiatric manifestations of B12 deficiency preceded anemia. It amazes me how many types of deficiencies can cause psychiatric problems, yet (at least in our case), no one tested for any. But the docs were willing to pass out psych meds like candy...



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This post made me cry.

i am on these boards for years and never looked into B12 deficiency before.

Recently, due to some severe symptoms I bumped into B12 deficiencies and all related physical and psychological ailments.  My daughter has fit these ever since she was a baby.  I am supplementing with good results (i think... we just started).

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I just wanted to update ya all.

I have started my daughter on 10000mcg of methylated b12 and 1600 mcg of folate and also some p5p.  The company is Jarrow.  Its a very pleasant tasting flavor and she takes it gladly.

Its on unfortunate that the many many doctors and other professionals are unaware of the easy cheap fix.  Her symptoms are greatly improved.

We have been into pandas/lyme for many years.  She had poor appetite (borderline aneorexia). Pale complexion. Anxiety.  Poor sleep.  Sensory issues. Social anxiety.  Executive function issues (direction, time)  the list goes on and on and on.

We have seen tremendous improvement almost immediately. We are hoping for more, as the myelin needs to grow back and it takes some time.

 Some people might need b12 injections if they can't absorb b's well or if they are very far gone.

There is much information out there on B12 deficiency.  But the interesting part is that it can also cause brain swelling, thereby causing similar symptoms to Pans.

Good luck to all parents on their journey.....  Hope you find your answers soon.

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