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I approached in this order:


MTHFR + COMT + VDR (all 3 relate to each other in terms of which supps to use)



The rest I sorta kinda paid attention to but didn't do any supps or changes for these specifically. I just couldn't justify adding any more pills. For me, these became the "things to look at if the first stuff doesn't get the job done." and the first stuff did get the job done, so I never re-looked at the others. And I only did a few of the things heartfixer and yasko say to do for CBS. I personally found MTHFR and COMT and VDR had more influence over the neuropsych stuff.


For tonight, read heartfixer on the first four and PM me with the issues DS struggles with and I'll try to shoot you some thoughts tomorrow (need to herd the kids into bed now).

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