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How to know if it's herxing or intolerance of zithro / Rifampin co

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Can someone comment on how long (hours/days) after the first dose of Abx is one likely to see herxing? Is it safe to say that if symptoms become worse say 2 weeks after start of Abx, then all other things being equal its probably not herxing but something else (say, Candida) happenin


There is alot of variation. After starting a new antibiotic you may see herxing 2 to 3 days in. Once when we did an herbal I saw herxing hours later. You may see herxing with the cycle of the bacteria. Bartonella can be every 2 weeks herxing even when you've been on antibiotics for a time. You can herx 2 months in when things really start to kick up killing bacteria. For most who have been treating for awhile, you can start to tell. When we have Candida issues it raises symptoms just that extra notch. So we treat periodically. It can be tricky to tell at first what is what.

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