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Tonsillectomy yesterday-hoping for improvement

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DS, 14, had an adenotonsillectomy yesterday. He came through the procedure very well and we are keeping him on pain meds and fluids as much as possible.


He had a sinus infection at the same time, but they went ahead with surgery. He is not allowed to blow his nose for two weeks. He dug out the nastiest blob of gunk-TMI-but I am sleep deprived and now he feels much better. Hand sanitizer any one???? :lol:


Doctor said his tonsils were cryptic and that he tonsilloliths deep in the folds. That could be the source of the biofilms and bacteria. EWWWWW. We won't know for a couple of days what the pathology report states.


Are there any signs of improvement I should look for?? I'm almost not daring to hope...

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Great that you had this done for long-term health. Hopefully he feels better every day! Lots of fluids and liquid soups for protein and minerals. Smoothies were son's fav. Lots of liquids so there is no excessive bleeding.


Took my son 2 weeks and it was pretty much over. Those 2 weeks he was sore and uncomfortable. Fell asleep in the window sill with head on hand looking out right after surgery. :)


Did lots of movies too.


Keep healing!!

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We are in the throws of it as well. My son did quite well for the first few days but the last two have been torture. So be on the lookout for increased pain. The worst of it comes between day 5 and 7 when the scans have to slough off.


We were told he's not to life anything over 10 lbs for 2 weeks and no running around or rough housing.


Glad the surgery went well and best wishes that it worked!


As far as what to look for every kid is different. But our great finding today is that his toes and fingers are healing! He is no longer chewing them to the bone. Its a great sign!

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We are 14 days post T&A. He seems to be doing well. I don't notice any regression, but I don't notice any big gains either--except physical energy! He still picks at his fingernails and he still has some anxiety. He was given ten days of Augmentin and now he is finished with that. If anything, that is the scariest part of all; that he could regress and we would not have abx to get him back on track. We go for follow up with ENT and immunologist in two weeks.

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What DI you mean by you wouldn't have any abx to fall back on? Do you mean your doc won't prescribe anymore?


Our son had his t and a just before yours. He had been a nightmare ever since, massive flares. Things are just starting to calm down as of this weekend. Not exactly the miracle we saw with out daughter. At the conference they said that kids will flare post surgery due to excessive inflammation so that was reassuring to hear. But our kiddo is definitely worse now than he was before.


I hope your son continues to improve.

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