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We used it for a while at the recommended dosage along with our other favourite anti-inflammatory (japanese knotweed) also at a low recommended dose. I didn't notice much of a difference in behaviour with the addition of lutimax, and definately not the same good response we got from doubling the dose of knotweed.


Perhaps we should have tried a higher dose. The information on that supplement is quite interesting.

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With Japanese knotweed we had to dose 1/2 tsp 3x daily (either as decoction or tincture) to see improvements. I found quick resolution of flare symptoms with a single double dose. DD is 80lbs.


The SourceNaturals tablet didn't work well for us.


Powdered herb for decoction (tea):

1stChineseHerbs organic powdered herb ($15/lb - enough to last 6 months)



WoodLandEssence ($40/oz - enough to last 1 month, less if you use higher dosages than we did).


Buhner suggests both of these sites for sourcing herbs for his protocols. Scary about the substitutions found in herbal supplements, but I believe these sites are on the up and up.

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