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Has Anyone Tried Cowden Protocol For Lyme?

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Has anyone tried the condensed Cowden Protocol for Lyme?


Did it help you or your children?


We are looking into it versus antibiotic therapy or in addition to antibiotic therapy.


Tests came back positive for Lyme but we have no symptoms of Lyme or PANS right now.


We have been doing great with homeopathics and supplements.


We are now waiting on 23andme results and were wondering if antibiotics would be the right thing at this point - especially if he is doing so well.


We have read that many people have the Lyme antibodies but only in a comprised state would it become active and that it may never be an issue. Obviously, we want the Lyme gone, we're just trying to figure out our next steps and don't want to rush into anything especially since I've heard that antibiotics can make the Lyme MORE resistant and harder to eradicate.


Any advice would be appreciated.





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Hi there,

Sounds like with the homeopathic and supplements your child is doing well. My np does not treat lymes if there are no symptoms. You might just want to keep supporting the body like you have been doing. But do keep an eye out for lymes symptoms. So glad to hear your child is doing well.

We are treating with herbs right now for lymes. Has really helped my dd. She has been off antibiotics for 7 months. Herbs, homeopathic and supplements have taken her to a new level of healing.

Are you working with llmd or a practitioner knowledgable in lymes.

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We tried samento/banderol 6 months into treatment with biaxin/rifampin. The LLMD wanted to treat lyme with herbs but keep rifampin going for bartonella. This was unsuccessful and DD had completely relapsed by the next appointment 1 month later.


Perhaps, with a lower bacterial load, it may help to keep the infection in check if needs be, but I agree with Mary wag. I wouldn't necessarily treat an infection that the immune system is now capable of holding in remission. The current thought in the lyme community is that these infections can't be eradicated, only held in check, like chicken pox/shingles, by a properly functiomimg immune system. I wouldn't use abx unless you really need them.

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My opinion, if you have no symptoms for Lyme or PANS,

don't treat.

That was also the opinion of our LLMD,

no symptoms, don't treat.

Keep healthy as best you can- like you are- wonderful :-)

My dd did start the Cowden condensed (yes, symptoms and PANS)

did okay for full 2-3 months,

but then it became very difficult and we discontinued.

I also used Samento and Banderol at one point, full dose,

and those herbs certainly have merit (an affect on Lyme bacteria)

But knowing what I know now,

I'd let sleeping dogs lie when it comes to Lyme and co. if you are okay-

The body is handling it.

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We've had a very good experience with Samento but not so good with Banderol. I am also a huge fan of Burbur for detox. The real Cowden protocol is quite complex so I have just stuck with the few my docs recommended. I do agree with the crowd, if no symptoms just wait. Our integrative MD has recommended Samento generally as a good anti microbial for general use. We are tapering off DD's Lyme abx treatment however I think I will keep her on Samento for a good long while. Once bitten twice shy.

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Thank you so much for all your responses!


I am curious, if I were to leave it for now as DS seems to be doing great and we are simply ramping up his supplments (the idea was to strengthen his body and detox BEFORE abx) what happens if he needs an antibiotic for something else?


It seems that my DAN doctor thinks that the reason the lyme "woke up" is because we treated DS last year for a tooth abcess with his first ever course of abx - he was on it for 10 days (amoxicillin and metrodinozole (sp?).


After that, all his PANS symptoms started. In hindsight after realizing he has lyme just in the last 10 days, it must have been lyme all along and the antibiotic woke it up as he only took it for 10 days.


Just wondering if you would all start the herbs slowly and start treating for lyme anyways? I mean, what if he ever needs an antibiotic for something else? We would be in the same place again. Does that make any sense? It seems to in my head, LOL or I might just be overthinking this.


Also S&S, could you tell me where I could find a copy of the condensed cowden protocol for children.


Thank you all!

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Cobygurl, it is a difficult decision, treat or don't treat- no-one can make it for you, and valid points about possible future antibiotic use.

I've read a lot about Lyme and people's experiences with it,

while going through treatment myself,

and it can happen- an antibiotic waking up the bacteria.

I've read of another person who went through treatment, completed and recovered/ remission,

years later major sinus infection and took serious antibiotics,

and Lyme and co. did not resurface for this person.

I will say this:

the Lyme herbs can activate and herx bacteria just like antibiotics.


The Cowden condensed protocol is the same for adults, we were advised to 1/2 the dose for my dd's weight (about 50 pounds at the time)

Cowden's website has forms you can download, or you can call them to email.

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