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Hi all.

I am following a thought process about copper and movement disorders.

DS has very abnormal copper labs and these can be implicated in movement disorders. I am curious how common these are in our pandas kids.

If anyone has labs for copper., ceruloplasmin, and zinc would you be willing to post them or pm them to me? If possible, please tell me if they are serum or plasma and what the range is.


I am very interested in these numbers, even if the lab test says they are within range. It is hthe relationship among these values that is important as well as the actual values.

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lfran -- my kids have normal copper and zinc and I cannot help you with that but here is what I found that might indirectly contribute to your problem. this is from Yasko's book page 158 "Molybdenum, EDTA, carnosine, and zinc can help balance copper/zinc ratios." if I understand what she says, low copper might be a function of something else like CBS mutation which causes low molybdenum levesl which in turn causes unbalence in copper/zinc.

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lfran -- there was quite a bit of discussion here about a year ago -- maybe back to last summer - 2012. did you do a search?


I don't have much time now -- and don't have labs in front of me. we repeated labs in a short period of time - ~4-6 weeks - one from quest, one from labcorp. ds's numbers were almost identical -- but the labs had very different ranges for 'normal'. we were working with a doc who had his own ranges, so it was okay for us, but I found that very curious b/c many docs use the lab ranges.


who are you working with that is investigating this?

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