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Just wondering if anyone had succes with different therapys to help tic?!?! As i got

older mine mostly went away on their own I have a little flare up resonly were I keep bitting my back teeth together and grinding them like kids do when they sleep. Also doing hand gestures fingers when I walk with my arms at my sides. I know that's not anything major at all but I don't want others coming back from when I was younger.

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Successful treatment of bartonella-induced PANS with antibiotics has resolved our daughter's motor/vocal ticcing. Her ticcing waxed and waned throughout her treatment, increasing with newly introduced antibiotic protocols (more bacterial die-off) and waning as her body was allowed to detox from the increased load of die-off toxins.


These toxins are produced by the endotoxins released when gram negative bacteria are killed; bartonella being the gram negative bacteria our daughter was being treated for. I saw a definate correlation with the amount of toxins being produced and motor/vocal ticcing.


These die-off toxins may be produced either by abx treatment, or by the immune system itself. Our most extreme ticcing reactions were produced by tindamax and GSE (grapefruitseed extract).

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