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Stimulant succes?

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I am not being treated for my pans right now and used adderall. It helped me so much more than any other medication. Though I've built a high tollerance extremly fast. I stopped it for 4 days to try to reduse tollerence and immdediatly the next day had terrible paranoia, vivid disturbing dreams and loss of reality. My doctor said it was withdrawl psyhcosis affect from the stop so her is trying vyvanse as I requested. I'm starting it the 17th.


Did anyone have good effects with other stimulants besides adderall? Please share your of your kids experiance.

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Our son had some attention issues, as well, particularly during the height of our PANDAS journey. However, as his primary behavior set was anxiety-related and OCD, his psychologist felt that any stimulant was a bad idea . . . that it would rev up the anxiety and OCD and make those issues much more difficult to control.


We tried a non-stimulant ADD/ADHD med for a bit: Intuniv. Intuniv and Straterra -- both non-stimulants -- have been used by a number of PANDAS/PANS families. We thought it helped initially, but then the benefits seems to wane over time, so we ceased the medication. In the end, it seemed his ADD-type behaviors were more related to his anxiety than they were actual "freestanding" attention issues, and so when the anxiety was under better control, so was his ability to remain focused and pay attention. At present, we supplement with zinc, which seems to help in that regard without any side effects.


I think if you search the PANDAS forum, you'll find some threads that discuss vyvnase.

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Thank you :). I have tried strattera any had no reaction to it. If you could please send me a link to the other one I would greatly apprechiate it. I am now recently having memory issues like forgetting how to spell simple words and meanings of some elementary middle school words even. Of course keys, dates, and what I was about to do for left something.


Do you know when the inflamation goes down if it helps in anyway? Still trying to find a doctor in buffalo area that accepts pans disorder

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The Saving Sammy website has a state-by-state list of doctors who recognize and treat PANDAS/PANS, so that might be the most immediately helpful to you. Still, if possible, you might need to travel a little bit, though some (like Dr. T.) will also do telephone consults.




Yes, I think generally decreasing the inflammation helps; however, keeping the inflammation down consistently requires addressing the cause of the inflammation . . . otherwise, you can't stay ahead of it sufficiently.


Just also, short term memory issues are also a common component in PANDAS/PANS. It may be another result of inflammation, and/or it may be a reflection of the imbalance of glutamate in the brain, too. Have you done any reading on that? Since they're finding that extra-cellular glutamate may play a role in a variety of psych disorders including schizophrenia and Alzheimer's, addressing glutamate modulation may help you in a number of facets of what you're facing. Have any of your doctors ever suggested any of the glutamate-modulating drugs such as memantine or lamictal?

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