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We are planning a 3/4 day trip this summer, but i am not sure how to do this. Since my son's head nodding tic started last year, we have been eating organic and avoiding food that he is sensitive to and stopped eating food colorings, perservatives & MSG. We also use an air purifer in his room.


I am afraid when we are traveling, eating food from restaurants & not using an air purifier may aggravate his tics, as we have it pretty much to a minimal, with an occassional increase in symptoms.


I thought about making our lunches & breakfasts but it will be difficult as we are not at home.


Any suggestions will be great!



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Our Integrative Dr. gave us a list of restaueants in our area, maybe you could call a health food store in the city your traveling to. I was thinking you could get a idea of what is on the menu of some places. She gave us 11 places within 30 miles of our home. I thought that was a great idea.


Good luck we didn't go any place last year. Call me chicken



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Hi Patty,

I'm kind of new here and havn't spoke to you yet. You sound like you have some of the same as issues as me (with our sons). You mention your child has a head nod, as I am dealing with that too, would you mind telling me what you have done that you think has contributed to minimizing it. Has it left the building, or still around. I've ready many of your posts. Do you have a minute for a brief history? Thank you so much.


Don't think I have any tips about traveling, except pray alot!


Good Luck,


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Here are some tips we have developed.

Always find a hotel that has a stove /a kitchen. We prepare food in there.


If travel by car, we will bring an air filter.

If travel by plane , we will buy an air filter when we landed.

Literally it means a good night of sleep. Remember sleep is very important for his tics.


Bring a box of epsome salt .


Bring all your supplement.s


Bring a bottle of Benadryl. For immediate allergic reaction to carpet..or anything else.


We bring the enzyme everywhere we travel in case we are tired of cooking.


And no posting to this website pass 2 am(just kidding), you are on vacation.


I don't think organic or non-organic food will be the crucial factor here..it is more like the food coloring , msg and crap the restaurant

put in that your child can not digest.


You son's situation are similar to my mine except for the asthma part.


Your son will do fine. Please start him on saline solution to wash his nose twice a day.


Like Allison said , once you get the bucket empty out of allergents...you will trully see a whole new different of your son.


Sounds like he is already getting there..no asthma ..milder allergy..and soon he will have no allergy and soon he will have no tics.


Stay positive like you said.


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I flew to Florida last September when they were limiting taking liquids in carry on baggage. I planned out all my meals ahead of time. I didn't eat a single meal out while in Florida. I precooked everything like roast beef, chicken, turkey, hamburgers, etc. and froze it. I also got together chips and easy veggies to take with me. I put it all in a cooler with lots of ice packs/ice and put it on the plane as check-in luggage. It was all non-damaged and worked out quite well. If they weren't limiting liquids onboard as it included things like ketchup, then I would have taken it in my carry on with me. I don't know if you all are planning on flying or driving, but that's what I did. Or maybe I wouldn't have because it's a pain to carry things when your changing planes in Atlanta, Georgia with a very short layover time.


I was lucky and I had a room that was a suite. I had a refrigerator & microwave in it so it all worked out well. The hotel had a very nice continental breakfast with lots of fruit choices.



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