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psychology beliefs real or not

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I have had a long road with pans and saw many psychiatrist/psychologists. I take psychology and know a lot of main beliefs. For example they have no cause for how the brain is acting like it is. They have theories about many chemicals but none yet to be proven.


The only assumption they all assume is all psych disorders run in families and the brain stops working correctly. They have no proven cause why but they believe this. They love to prescribe any medication that will help on thing but most likely the person will have to deal with 5 side effects plus withdrawal getting off of it.


Does anybody besides me find that ridiculous!! I think our country needs to do more research with neurological and autoimmune caused. It makes a lot more sense that a virus, bacteria, or disease/disorder causes the brain to miss fire.




Please share your thoughts

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Could NOT agree with you more!


We actually had one psych tell us that OCD is one of the most widely, deeply and lengthily studied and understood mental health condition, despite the fact that 1) they still haven't identified a cause, 2) haven't identified any long-lasting medical protocol (meds tend to lose effectiveness over time, so their only answer to that is to switch you to another med), and 3) frequently dismiss or denigrate any preliminary research regarding potential legitimate causes and/or triggers (such as autoimmune).


My dad used to say that such tendencies is one of many reasons they call it "practicing medicine:" 'cause they're "practicing" on YOU!


I completely get that no one can know everything, so, on some level, a degree of ignorance or naivete, even in one's chosen field, might be expected from time to time. What I don't now . . . nor will I ever . . . get is how so many doctors can express absolutely no intellectual curiosity, or feel any responsibility to stretch themselves beyond their standard prescription pad, to help when they see something that is obviously out of the ordinary, out of the "box" of any specifically defined disorder, etc. It is infuriating!


Thanks for opening up the vent! :-)

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At a recent doctors visit I was given a prescript for pain. I gave it back and said, perhaps it is better to wait for test results so we are not guessing. I think I have lost faith in what doctors actually do. No longer do they explore the cause of illness, but just hand out prescripts without any consequence or consideration for the drugs they are prescribing.

It is through my son's tics, which lead me to this forum and other sites, that has opened my eyes to alternative view points. I now always search for causes, not look to supress symptoms.

What I'm also seeing is a mental shift. No longer do we accept what we are told, but we are open to exploring other explanations. Not only do I see this in this forum but through a wide range of other diseases/disorders. I've moved to a Paleo lifestyle through choice after much research into the effect of foods, and I've come across many who suffer a wide range of health/neurological disorders who are challenging traditional medical practice and finding relief through their own choices.


After reading Dr Bill Walsh's book on Biochemistry and the brain, it's encouraging to see practitioners throughout the world now training in his approach to balancing neurological disorders through nutrition and minimal drugs. I am hopeful that the medical/psychiatric professional will change.

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I agree so much with you all! This topic frustrates me so much. I actually call it "pseudo-psychiatry". There is plenty of research and info out there to show that infection/inflammation and nutrient deficiencies can cause mental problems, and other chronic conditions that they throw labels at. I can find all this info EASILY, but for some reason the "professionals" have no clue. Makes me wonder if they are really interested in helping people, or if there is some kind of financial incentive from the pharmaceutical companies for them NOT to consider other options.


My husband and I were just discussing this. I was talking about how much of the research I'm reading about mental illness points directly to infection, and asked why there isn't more research into creating new and better antibiotics. My husband commented that there is a lot more money for the companies if they can treat lifelong for symptoms - if they actually HEAL people there is not as much money for them! They do the same thing with other illnesses... treat the symptoms with a drug that causes deficiencies so you have MORE symptoms that they can treat with a drug that causes more side affects... (like statins.) "America's Favorite Pharmacist" Suzy Cohen has a book out on how many pharmaceutical drugs "mug" or rob you of essential vitamins and nutrients, causing a host of other problems. (She's not anti-med - she's a pharmacist, but wants people to be aware of the problems that can arise from them.)


My hubby compared the pharmaceutical companies to the tobacco companies - the marketing strategy is to create lifelong customers. Sadly, they are the ones with the billions and billions for research, and they don't seem to be interested in healing anyone.


A good book written by a doctor about this problem is "Overdosed America" by John Abramson, M.D. We have to somehow DEMAND change, but I'm not sure how to go about doing that!

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