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Looking for doctor to do T&A removal Baltimore area

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Please PM me if you know of someone that will remove T&A based on elevated strep in blood and long history of PANS. I have a name of someone in Fairfax, VA, but that's almost 2 hours from home. I don't want to be driving a long distance home after the surgery.

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We had a pandas specialist do our t and a based on sleep apnea. Our insurance only covers us for either obstructive apnea or documented positive cultures for strep equaling 6 or more per year. It may be more if an insurance issue rather than a surgeons will to do the surgery. Every insurance and state is different.


We could have had her surgery done locally but I chose to drive 2.5 hrs to go to someone who knows pandas. The hospital policy was that anyone who lives farther than an hour away stats over night. I was so glad we did bc that first night is just awful. It was such a relief to have IV fluids for that first 24 hours as they don't like to swallow anything bc its do painful.


Have you asked if you can spend the night? There is a risk of bleeding the first 24 hours which is why they might keep you. Them after discharge we were told not to leave our home area for two full weeks. It's not a minor surgery although it is somewhat routine. It's not without its risks which is why surgeons are so judicious about who they operate on ( not who per se but why)

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