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What vitamins and suppliments help your tic child?

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I have documented my son's supplements in the link in my signature below.


The things that help really are dependent on what is causing the tics, and also what the individual needs are.

Not everyone responds the same way.

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Chemar, I read through your post with the list of things that have helped your son, but I am so confused. How do I get that all in him. Is there one vitamin or do you buy them all separate? Is there a certain brand you use? What if my little one cant swallow pills and hates the taste of liquids?

Do you have an exact list of brands that you buy?

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Hi ! I am having great success with these vitamins with my two kids who started having tics at age 2.5 . Now DD is 5 and DS is 3.5 y.o.

We tried a lot of vitamins and supplements. Also we found out that both of my kids have MTHFR mutation. So that being said everybody in our family has this mutation. I have 2, my daughter has 2 , my DH has 1 , so is my son has something for sure as I have double 677C.

That means our bodies can't transform regular folic acid into usable form. I think it called Methylation. So my DH panicked a little and found this doctor Cindy Schneider who specializes in all these natural treatments for a lot of conditions and her clinic called CARE ( Center for autism research ). She is in Phoenix , AZ. We didn't take my DD OR DS to her, we just wanted to know what is the best plans for us as a family as far as supplements for this MTHFR . She said that she believes in all this clean diets and no dairy and everything what basically people are talking about here. She said that also she believes ( based on her research, she has 2 sons with autism) that MTHFR responsible for a lot of these conditions in some degree.

So finally about vitamins. She developed her own vitamins called APERTURE specifically to help kids with autism, tics, ADHD, ADD and other conditions. She recommended it to us. And we have been taking them for 4 months now and I think they help tremendously.

Her formula has every vitamin in already usable form for our body if it has some mutation like we do MTHFR. It also has Acetil-l-carnitine ( which I think it suppose to help with vocal tics , I think it is from what I read on this forum) . And it did help a lot for my daughter with humming and throat clearing).

Vitamin a ( as beta carotene) 1000 ( 20%)

C(ascorbic acid) 500 (833%)

D (cholecalciferol) 1000(250%)

E( d-alpha tocopheryl succinate) 30 mg 2000%

Thiamin 30( 2000%)

riboflavin 25 (1471%)

Niacin 10(1250%)

B6 ( 15mg as pyridoxal-5-phosphate, 10mg as pyridoxine hydrochloride)

folate ( 6(s)-5methyltetra-hydrofolic acid) 1000( 150%)

B12 ( METHYLCOBALAMIN) 1000(1667%)
















This is what in the ARPETURE. It comes in pills ( I think 2 maybe 4 a day) and powder ( cherry flavor ) for kids. All natural , no artificial colors of flavors or anything else as Doctor strongly against all of that bad stuff.

It pricey though 70$ for month supply for kids over 40lb . For under 40lb half a dose. I give my kids half dose anyway even 5 y.o. is more then 40lb.

I think at this point you can buy these vitamins in doctors office only, they mentioned once that they will sell it online soon. But people come from many states to buy them but just not a lot of people know about Aperture.

So just wanted to let you know about these vitamins . I think they are doing great job for tics along with fish oil and clean diet.

Sorry for any TYPPO AS English is my second language.

http://center4autism.org/ this is the clinic

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Phew that sounds kinda pricey to me valsmom, especially when there are other very pure and complete formulas around,

However, I do understand that is specifically formulated and is helping your child so that is good :)


Jetocurly, to answer your question, we used supplements separately, except for those that I mention as combinations ie the multi etc

My son had no problem swallowing supps and as I mention, we had them split in morning and evening groups.

You will see also that I mention for kids who struggle with swallowing pills, sometimes taking them while swallowing water or liquid of choice through a straw helps.


We have gone through various brands over the years but are most impressed at present with Thorne research multivitamin/mineral and their B complex. It is the only B complex my son has ever been able to tolerate. They usually only sell via physicians but iHerb.com is now stocking them at much less cost. (free shipping over $20 orders)


In addition to the large selection of good, pure supps at iHerb.com, I would highly recommend pureformulas.com as they carry excellent brands at very good prices and have free shipping on everything. We get our Douglas labs supps there and some of the others.


My son also likes some of the NOW supps and some Jarrow for the extra things he takes.


There is also the BonTech range of supplements ...but they are specifically formulated for TS so unless you know your child has TS, not really recommended. There are also some people with TS that seem sensitive to their ingredients. Douglas Labs were making them for BonTech but not sure if that is still the case.

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Hi Jetocurly,


Vitamins have been a fairly regular topic since I've been on this forum. And I've always been happy to mention the brand of multivitamin that we use, since it's been one of the supplements that has had a truly noticeable and positive effect on my son's health. (The other thing has been diet, so no matter what supplements one takes, things probably should start with diet.)


Spectrum Complete II by Kirkman Labs.


We started using it as a powder mixed in with a drink, which was not always the easiest. But now my son's able to take it in pill form. Much less stressful!


Valsmom mentions methylation as an issue. Improper sulfation can also cause a build up of toxins that can lead to problems. I think that the multi we use, in combination with another supplement (glucosamine sulfate) probably helps with my son's sulfation.


Good luck!



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