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Does acupuncture help with facial tics?

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Does anyone have experience with acupuncture and facial tics? My son has had eye blinking/winking and mouth grimaces for. 4 months straight. His medication does not seem to be helping at this time. I'm thinking puberty isn't helping the flare up. He never has tics this long. I may need to adjust magnesium, b6 p-5-p, and l-carnitine dose. What would be appropriate doses for a 12 year old who weighs about 120 pounds? Any help and suggestions would be appreciated. He is beginning to get very frustrated with the length of time he is having the tics. I wish I could give him answers.

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Yes, my son was helped by acupuncture.

If you do a search on the forum, you will find a number of others have also found it helpful

Be sure to choose a clinical acupuncture therapist who has experience with tics


You really need to discuss doses with your healthcare provider. Generally a child aged 12 and of adult weight takes adult dose.

But as your child is on medication, the doctor would need to advise you on this as the combination of supps and meds can change things

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We've been trying acupuncture for about 6 weeks now. I've seen no changes in my son's tics. But, he says he feels it helps with his focus and performance on the tennis court( he plays high level national junior tennis). He will actually ask to go get acupuncture because he feels it helps with muscle relaxation after a long tournament. The eye tics just won't go away for him at this point and we just got our Food sensitivity test results back so I think an elimination diet is in order for him.

Haven't decided if I will try dairy free or gluten free first. I think acupuncture has helped him in various ways, just not the way I thought it would and, if I could afford it, I'd like to start doing it myself. I hope this was useful.


FYI; our acupuncturist was referred to us by someone who has TS and was greatly helped by this practitioner. Yet, we all know that what works for some, doesn't always work for everyone or may help in various ways compared to others. Anyhow, I'm rambling. It could never hurt to try it for a few sessions and see how it goes, right?

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