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Cunningham Panel Results Back! What does this mean?

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Finally got my 3.5 year old's results back - his pediatrician read me the numbers over the phone (Neurologist hasn't gotten to see them yet).

D1: 1000 (normal 500-2000, normal mean 1056)
D2: 1000 (normal 2000-8000, normal mean 6000)
Lysoganglioside: 80 (normal 80-320, normal mean 147)
Tubulin: 250 (normal 250-1000, normal mean 609)
CamK: 141 (normal 53-130, normal mean 95)

There is a sliding scale with colors showing green for NOT likely Pandas/PANS, yellow for likely Pandas/PANS, and red for HIGHLY likely Pandas/PANS.

My son's only result in the yellow for Likely Pandas (middle of the yellow portion) is CamK.

On Moleculera's website the "sample report" has an Integrated Results sliding scale which takes in account all 5 results and tells you the overall likelihood of this being Pandas. But on my son's report there is NO Integrated Results sliding scale, only the sliding scales for the 5 tests.

Anyone know what this means? His pediatrician who isn't familiar with Pandas or the Cunningham Panel says it appears he does not have PANS since 4 of the 5 are in the green.

Also, anyone know what being at the low normal or BELOW normal would mean? Is that just extra good?

Thank you!

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With CamK that high, I would suspect he's fighting some kind of infection. I read a report recently (can't remember where, but could probably find it by googling) that implicated CamK levels with alzheimer's. Personally, I believe that indicates that CamK is showing some kind of infection, and I know that Cunningham has mentioned that it can also possibly indicate lyme. If your doctor is not sure of the results, I would ask him to call Moleculara and get clarification. You don't want him guessing what it means.

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Thank you for trying to post! I finally got the fax from his pediatrician and there clearly is the Integrated Result which shows the combined result of the 5 tests. Not sure how she missed it...

Despite all first 4 tests being very much in the green (not likely for PANS), the CaM KII result of 141 put his overall result at Likely - about 1/3 of the way into the yellow zone.

This test was done during a flare (bad tics and some other things) but he was no where near as bad as he was at the beginning. I am guessing it would have been in the red back then.

It is a relief to finally have a definite answer, now awaiting test results for Mycoplasma, Lyme, etc.

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