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Waiting on Cunningham Panel results...8 weeks now =(

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Today marks 8 weeks since Moleculera Labs received the Cunningham Panel test for our son. Their website says 6-8 weeks and when I called last week she said it should be soon since we were approaching the 8 week mark, but couldn't provide any more specifics. I am SO anxious to know the result! There is so much waiting with PANS - waiting 3 months to meet with the Neurologist, waiting to see if antibiotics will work, waiting to have tests done, waiting for test results to come back, waiting to see what the next trigger will be, waiting for 23andme results, waiting to start MTHFR treatment until the CBS mutation is addressed...it is definitely true that this is a marathon and not a sprint. But this Cunningham Panel result is so important and will affect almost everything else. I hope I get the email today!
Sorry just needed to vent a little...

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