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parent with lyme/babesia not well after long abx tx but steroids help?


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Any parents get well after lyme/babesia abx not effextive

utilzing steroids and ivig that would be willing to talk answer questions

I improve on steroids dramatically.how often can u do steroids why can't we use them frequently

Please feel free to comment, suggest reading, ect.

I know steroids and lyme bad but I have persistent sinus infection severe

Wonder if sinus surgery tonsilectomy would be helpful

Thank you for your comments and thoughts!

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Have you checked yourself for mold yet? Those with persist sinus infections and don't improve with Lyme treatment often have mold issues. You can test your C4As and if they are out of range then its worth investigating. C4A is an inflammation marker. If high, it would make sense you are getting relief from steroids.


The below is from the BHG website - review of the Biotoxin conference in 2011.


"* When you lose control of inflammation, inflammation goes wild. If you don’t control inflammation, it will chew you up. Uncontrolled inflammation can be evaluated using C4a, MMP-9, and TGF-b1 testing.


* Reduced MSH is a co-factor which can lead to MARCoNS, a nasal staph infection. MARCoNS activates inflammation. MARCoNS can also produce biofilms and biotoxins.




For me (I have chronic Lyme et al) steroids gave me immediate relief from rash/itchiness but also caused seizers.... There was definitely a trade off with them.


Ozone treatments work wonders for sinus related issues. A biomedical dentist will typically inject into sinuses via the mouth to clear sinuses. Average person needs about 3 treatments. There are some Dr.'s that will provide treatments where ozone is bubbled through olive oil and then inhaled, blown in ears, etc.

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I have not looked at mold

I have a constant sore throat red for about 4 yrs facial numbness better on abx almost gone after 1yr on multiple oral abx face bones hurt though

Ear pressure eye pressure blurring constant head neck ache since last August

ID blood workup negative

Babesia tx mepron azith bactrim many months bedridden slept 20 hrs a day

Slight bump better less fatigue with stopping mepron and lymph node pain stopped after 10 months

Feel like babesia still there tx with herbals in addition to abx air hunger sweats

Just was igm positive for lyme and babesia and Mycoplasma

Thyroid labs negative


Bladder issues feels like uti but cultures - in abx

Severe constipation

Thank you all for your help

I just find it interesting that steroids take away headache and I feel a lot better less pain and fatigue on them

Sore throat remains on steroids

But I get slightly better and regress to better than I was upon stopping them

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I will research ozone also thank you so much for all of the thought ful replys

I am doing tumeric, fish oil.stephania and buhner protocol to help with pain and inflammation


I used nsaids for six months until I couldn't tolerate them gi pain and switched to tumeric it is not as good as naproxen ibuprofen but helps some but really have pain all the time and irritability which as we all know is not helpful when caring for our dear children with the stamina and patience it requires

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