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Need suggestions for reading material


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Connie, what for you mean about ERP? Are there scenes in that book that would lend itself to a desensitization?


Thank you all for the suggestions. I'm going to write them all down. Also I will see how he feels about the kindle. We are always limiting his screen time so the dreaded reading he is for Ed to do search day might just become more exciting.

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Not exactly minimal experience with erp but the whole idea and premise of the book is gaging on worms so I thought it might fit to assist with exposure as the boy feels ill like vomiting after eating them and it is a running theme in the book so possibly helpful if u tackle erp in future but I have no experience in this area only suggested because of the helpful experienced parents comments above and it rang a bell



I am pleased when I read the thread at what excellence parents are in this group!

Also when my son is not well turning on the closed captioning on tv makes me feel better and may help reading

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