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Help finding forum members who are alterntive/natural medicine gurus?

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Hello. I am relatively new to the forum. I appreciate all of the incredible information on this forum.

My wife and I focus primarily on alternative and natural approaches for our son's healing needs. Learning from others who share the same philosophy and experiences is so very helpful. Can you recommend any fellow forum members who have a reputation of being experts (aka gurus) in alternative/natural medicine? Any help and suggestions would be so greatly appreciated.

Health and Hope!

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If you're looking for homeopathic ideas, you can PM Stephanie2. She doesn't come to the forum often anymore, but she was so convinced by the improvements her boys found thru homeopathy that she became trained in the subject and now works as some sort of assistant for a homeopath.


If you're looking for general info on herbs and supplements that are natural remedies for various bacterial and viral infections, you can post a discussion and several of the members can offer suggestions (particularly those who've used a natural approach to treating lyme).


Alternative and natural can mean many things and apply to many topics. There's a natural diet, natural antimicrobials, alternative therapies such as acupuncture or chinese medicine...perhaps if you can elaborate on what alternative and natural means to you, and in what context - to support the body, to fight an active infection, etc... maybe others can offer up what or who they know who can share the info you're after.

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