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Lice? (not a Pandas ?)


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Both of my kids have had it at one point, and they have long, curly, thick hair. Get a metal nit comb, use Rid, and comb out their hair every night. Vacuum everything, including your car.

I would shampoo them, drench them with conditioner (we used Tresemme), and comb them out with a nit comb every night for two weeks. Then rinse in the shower. Look very closely to make sure you are getting the eggs if there are any.

I would also wash their sheets every other day. All stuffed animals etc need to be washed. I also ran all the combs/hair accessories through the dishwasher.


I only used Rid once as I didn't want them exposed to too many chemicals. It seemed to do the trick when combined with the nightly conditioner treatment and massive amounts of laundry and vacuuming. As long as you're diligent with the conditioner, it should work. Just make sure to keep them away from any kids who might have them.


And, just as an aside, even if the school won't tell you, you can always tell if it's going through a school when literally every teacher there has a bun/updo, or pony tail.

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