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PICC line, IV-antibiotics without insurance

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We are temporarily without insurance for my son and his lyme doctor has suggested possibly trying IV rocephrin with a PICC line after the next visit in a month. We may have insurance again by then, but if not, is there anyone without insurance who could tell me the cheapest way to get a PICC line and IV-rocephrin? Thanks!

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Sorry to hear that. In cure unknown pamela weintraub discusses how she minimized costs for iv but I can't recall the particulars. Also you may want to try posting that question on lymenet as i know many people on that board have funded their own treatmebt. I had a very good result recently trying low dose arteminisin I compounded with EDTA from dr m (I know he has worked with dr h) even though my dd does not have babs we tried this for Lyme/Bart pain and her pain went away in a few days. Just throwing it out there in case you have not tried it, I know dr h is one of the best. Good luck

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