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Treating the bartonella is bringing out more stitch marks

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Thanks Nancy. She is immobilized with confusion. Can't even get out of bed, but at least she can verbalize to me now how she feels. Before she wasn't able to talk. She tells me she can not get anything done. Too many "thoughts" and "steps". She can't think strainght. I added some folate in today since she had the MTHR mutation (one gene). Perhaps this will help. Dr. gave Rx. for topomax too. Hope something helps!

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It sounds like she is moving in the right direction. Give it time, don't layer on one treatment over another too quickly, be methodical in your approach, take it slow, take notes on what you are seeing with each treatment. and be sure to detox, detox, detox. Thinking good thoughts for you!


P.S. when you say you are adding in folate, you mean Methylfolate, right? If she is MTHFR positive you don't want to give folate. And if she has only one mutation she may not need it. If you do try it, start REALLY low and slow.

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