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Arm Jerking - Tic?


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I have eye twitching & vocal tics. I am 26 M. Haven't been dx with TS yet. 3 Months ago i had muscle twitching in my arm,this was only for one day and then disappeared.10 days ago it started again and is causing me troubles and pain. It is mostly in my right arm, mild in left arm. Its like shivering in the upper arm.i.e mostly internal muscle twitching.It also extends to the hand sometimes.I feel its in the tricep muscle towards the elbow joint.


Another problem is that it is hampering my sleep.With vocal tics / eye twitching they go away when i am about to sleep or if i am resting. This muscle twitching increases especially since i lose a lot of sleep daily because of it and makes me extra concious. I haven't been able to get it noted if i tic while i sleep.My other tics aren't present when i sleep.

I used to have a bit of arm twiching earlier but is was very low and in the form of arm shaking. Infact occured very occasionally.


Any remedy to provide temporary relief ? Magnesium isn't helping. I have been taking 400mg Magnesium Citrate with B6 for the past 4 days. Should i wait or quit taking.

I am having on and off constipation for the past few days.Taking isabgol. Can this tic be due to bad gut?


I was looking for muscle twitching and is linked to many other disorders as well.I just wanted to know if it is just like my other tics or something else.

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The health of the gut can have a profound effect on the rest of your body, so yes, your tics can be gut related. Have you tried a GOOD probiotic? Klaire Labs makes some good ones. Also, you could try a diet of fresh fruits and veggies, water and lean proteins (no processed meats, dairy or grains either) for a week or two and see how you feel. If you eat a lot of chemically enhanced food notmally you will feel crummy at first. My children have tics and have responded well to diet changes. I also get muscle twitches when eating gluten/dairy.

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