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Onset of Vocal Tics After Infection - Strep ?

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I am 26 M. I am having eye twitching since i was 12yo .I used to have cold once every year but not as severe as the one i had 20 months back. Took over the counter medicine.No antibiotics.Stayed at home & Cold lasted for 3 days.On the 4th day i resumed work & started clearing my throat occasionally.I thought its just because of the mucus.But in a week or so it matured into throat grunting.

I also consulted 2 neurologists and i told them about the infection,they said 'it doesn't matter'.


Since it was a sudden onset of Vocal Tics after infection, i am considering strep. Can it be? I have never ever had vocal tics before.

I got the ASO test and expecting results shortly. If the ASO levels come out high, what should be my next step ? I would be visiting the ENT in a day or two. Or what kind of a doctor should i visiting?


If it indeed was a strep that lead to the onset then is their a possibility that the treatment can reduce/cure the vocal tics ?

I came to know of PANDAS just a month back.


Also take a look at this article - It states the tics can be eliminated if due to PANDAS - does it seem legit?


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it does not have to be strep. it can also be mycoplasma, lyme, and, apparently, Coxackie virus.

The new term is PANS, pediatric autoimmune neuropsychological syndrome, i. e. a condition when an infection causes neurological and psychological problems

whether it can be cured is a different matter.

you should understand it as an autoimmune problem and try to treat it as such through diet, life-style, methylation.

ABX help to clear and prevent infection and give your immune system a break. they also function as antiinflamatories.

change your neurologist, find a PANDAS dr or a good immunologist.

try ibuprofen, see if it helps. be mindful of sideeffects.

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