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beginner Lyme question


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Ds7 diagnosed with Pandas last year by Dr. K.


Just received results for 1st Lyme test (haven't discussed with doctor yet).


Results were:


Igenex Igm - Negative

CDC/NYS- Negative


18 kDa +

++23-25 kDa +

++39 kDa IND

++41 kDa IND


my question is why is it considered negative if there are traces present? Isn't it either you have it in your system or you dont?


Thank you...I'm just trying to understand it all.


Also is it possible to have something like Babesia even if this main lyme test is negative?

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Are the bands you list as positive IgM or IgG?


Yes, you can have babesia without lyme and the Igenex test for lyme does not test for babesia. You'd need a separate test.

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There should be two pages of results for Igenex - one for IgM and one for IgG (plus maybe a cover page)


Also - it isn't just the lab results alone. They need to be considered along with symptoms. If someone has + bands but no symptoms, it doesn't make sense to pursure treatment. but if they have some positive bands and a lot of symptoms, it's worth treating even if the overall result doesn't produce enough + bands to give you an overall positive. So it has to be taken in context and considering his repsonse to previous treatments/approaches.

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At the beginning you have that it says IgM negative so I am assuming you are showing the IgM results. You should also have the IgG results. Your results should always be interpreted by a physician who is specialized in treating Lyme (LLMD). They will read your results along with the symptoms and give you a diagnosis. The IgM results show activity in some bands that are specific for lyme, but should be evaluated with patients symptoms. You can do a search on this forum for Lyme results and there has been much discussion on how a lyme diagnosis is made. Sorry I don't have much time right now, but I am sure someone will jump in. Lyme is a very complicated illness and you would be wise to educate yourself and come to your own decision based on your personal situation. An LLMD can help educate and point you in the right direction.



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