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New here, daughter with tics

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Hi I have a 7 year old daughter who started with eye and mouth tics when she was in kindergarten. She has gown through different tics. At one point she had 7 different tics. We talked to her ped and she said, at that point she'd had the tics for 6 months, that this is not unusual that tics can pop up and usually subside around 9 years old. These tics never seemed to bother her no matter what the tic was she never said anything about them. Last night was the first time she ever complained about the tics. She has been moving her neck side to side and front and back. She has actually pulled a muscle from doing the neck tic. She was in tears last night because of the tics.


After reading some information on this forum about PANDAS, and allergy testing in relation to tics, I am going to call her doctor to set up an appointment to discuss this issue. I don't know what else to do for her. We are told it's nothing ususual but she is getting upset and can't control these tics. I feel helpless.


If anyone has anything that I can take to this appointment please tell me. Thanks so much. ~Aimee

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This forum will be amazingly informative for you. As Chemar said you will have to start reading through the threads and you start to learn more about tics. My 8 year old son is currently having the neck tic at the moment, some days are worse than others. I'm taking him to the chiropractor once a week just to keep his body in alignment (I found the tics seemed worse when his neck was out), its just one thing we are doing to look after his overall health. Other things you will learn about in this forum are also being investigated ie. allergies/intolerances, heavy metal in his system, gut health. I'm fairly new to the tics and as yet we don't have a TS or Pandas Diagnosis, but it is a process we are going through. After going through the rollercoaster of emotions initially, now I'm in really good place and I have this forum to thank for that and all the wonderful people in here that have helped. You may want to look into seeing an integrated/holistic/biomedical practice, they are about the overall health of the body and not just trying to supress the symptoms like western medicine.

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We were told the same thing by pediatricians initially, just wait and they will go away. They didn't, they got much worse, and five years later we learned it was Lyme disease and we are now facing difficult and lengthy treatment. I would see an infectious disease specialist and start ruling out the possibility that the tics are neuropathy caused by infection.

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