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Cyanosis now....

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Dd5 was sitting with me chatting with dd6months - she has been complaining of headache at the top of her head. It is SUPER hot and humid here right now, so had been pushing water all day. I look at her, her limbs are a mottled grey, her face ashen, her skin around her lips, her lips themselves were bluish-grey. It resolved in about 10 mins or so.


Any experiences? I'm trying not to freak - but weight loss, headaches, obvious blue skin, there's something up. I just don't know what and the ped on Friday just listened to her heart and said no worries. What else could cause that! How serious is a transient episode?


I'm officially very worried...

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Ditto what Hopeny said. Pediatric cardiologist is warranted and ASAP. Cyanosis in a child is not normal, especially transient cyanosis. Things can be wrong that listening to a heart with a stethoscope will not pick up. Listening to heart sounds is the most basic, non invasive modality- tells you only if heart beat is regular/irregular and if heart sounds are normal. If no murmur then one "assumes" valves are OK. THAT's it!! It is not a diagnostic tool to say that heart is fine with no worries.


She needs full scale cardiology work up with EKG, Echo and maybe even stress test?? Keep us posted!

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