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Gluten Free and Tics

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Thank you all so much for the responses. I have been doing no nitrates, no dyes, no preservatives and only organic for some time. Recently we tried gluten free but we didn't last. My son is already very picky and underweight and this just made it worse for him and I felt it stressed him out more and in addition he can't afford to loose weight. I do gave Magnesium and tons of vitamins packed with Bs.

We have had him allergy tested and celiac tested often, he is allergic to soy and fish.

I bought tic tamer too, and tried just about everything. He was in a what I call remission for about a year but then they came back full force and its just been hard, I think more so for me then him. He has had them since he was 2 and he just turned 7. Thinking about everything and sending good thoughts....I wish I could come up with a magic potion to take them away.

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Jet mom ( couldn't) remember the rest of your user name. Do not give up my ds was 7 when this all started so their is definitely hope. Did you do a food sensitivity test? You are are way ahead with eliminating all these things which I didn't do till after the fact. All those things are bad in general and you are starting off great! Yes stress will make it worse. Think of me with eliminating 20 something things when my dear boy was 7 yes it was hard and very stressful for him but I think if you stick with what you know and have the whole family be involved eventually it helps him. It takes a long time depending on his allergens and food sensitivities ( in our case) to see a difference. Sugar I remember was just not good. But it takes years and you deal with the tics as best you can . I am not sure which ones your dealing with but it takes time. My ds at that age was mainly red lips and eye blinking and we found ways to help. Pm me or let me know if you have any questions. Ds is now 11. It does get better!


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