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DS also craves carbs. He gets silly, hyper, short tempered and his thinking gets foggy. Sometimes it gives him OCD. As you can see, it can be hard to tell the difference between yeast and Pandas induced behaviors.


Garlic and probiotics and butyrate can all help. There's a blood test for candida antibodies. But we've found a stool test to be a better detective and a better guide on what to use to treat (it identifies the strains it finds and what those strains are susceptible to treatment wise).

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We did a test from Metamatrix thru our LLMD. When you do it thru a practitioner, they can sometimes offer price breaks - the testing co. requires $ up front and then they submit to your insurance to see if they can get additional reimbursement. But regradless of what they do or don't get from your ins. co., you're only on the hook for that initial payment. I don't remember the exact amt, but we paid somewhere in the $99 range.


But if your dr doesn't have a relationship with Metamatrix (I think they have to register as a provider, probably not overly difficult), you can order the kit directly thru a third party co. http://www.accesalabs.com/metametrix?gclid=CKTpgLyBlrkCFQSk4AodQVsA2w but for a significantly higher price. I looked on Quest's test menu and they also offer a yeast test that cultures/identifies strains but I don't know how much it is or if it also tells you what those strains are susceptible to for treatment. I see other tests that idenitfy suceptibility, so maybe you need to order both tests at the same time. http://www.questdiagnostics.com/testcenter/TestDetail.action?tabName=OrderingInfo&ntc=20541 Sometimes you can call their billing dept and give them the CPT code and they'll tell you the list price for the test. Then you can call your ins. co. and ask them what they'd pay for that test. It usually isn't an exact amount - they hem and haw b/c they don't want to reveal their discount structure. But sometimes it's given me an idea in advance if it's a reasonable cost or if I shouldn't ask for the test due to the price. It might tell you that you'd be out of pocket as much as if you'd gone directly to the co. in the first link.

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