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Boys Town Hospital (Nebraska) Awesome

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Today, we met with two physicians at the Clinic at Boys Town Hospital. We met with a neurologist and an ENT. We were not rushed, encouraged to tell our LOONG story, and supported in the diagnosis of PANDAS/PANS. I think for anyone in the Midwest states of Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, or Nebraska; this would be a wonderful resource.

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We used to live in Omaha. This is good to hear. Does one have to be on the BT campus as a resident to be seen at the BT's Hospital. There are so few that get it out here in the middle of the US. We need some top people to make the rounds at the medical programs in Des Moines & Omaha. Diana P thinks that once the IVIG study is published it will be easier to make that happen.


What came of your visit? What led you to Boy's Town, if I may ask.



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You do not need to be a resident of Boys Town. We saw an immunologist in Omaha that understands and treats PANDAS; he referred us to the docs there so that we could have a team approach to treatment. Each doc looks at the patient from the point of view of their specialty; they compare notes and come up with a comprehensive treatment plan. These docs absolutely get it! I was just amazed and felt so secure in what they were telling us. Omaha is not that far from Des Moines if you are looking for treatment!

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