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Tonsilectomy flare up


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My four year old daughter has PANDAS which started last fall, was confirmed through testing this spring (bloodwork with moleculera and standard) and has been treated by Dr L with a round of Clindamycin and Rifampin. The improvement was dramatic. She was happier, emotionally more stable, she wanted to spend time with the family and other people, she slept through the night and she gained a ravenous appetite which was good because she had lost weight with PANDAS. Since the antiobiotic, though, we seem to cycle between good periods and mild regressions. Dr L has stated that we should expect that.


My daughter just had a tonsillectomy 11 days ago, and she seems to be a lot worse now. She is emotionally unstable and easily and often break down into fits of anger, both verbal and physical. Motrin, which previously helped us through regressions, does little to improve her.


I did some reading and folks recommended antiobiotics before and after surgery. As its obviously too late, are there any recommendations on how now to proceed? Is this just something we need to slog through?

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